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Timeless Pulses

Well Timeless Pulses went off really well. The setup in the Gallery was great, we managed to squeeze in a morning soundcheck so Rod Sneddon the sL staff recording engineer could record, and we had a nice largish audience, with some always welcome new faces!

We musicians had a ball. The music was really broad, from totally dense drums and thrashing electric guitar to some quiet beautiful moments. I especially remember a duo with Geordie, I was playing high and he was accompanying with smooth chord changes - Very nice. Jerry G was all that and more, playing time, playing colour, playing the inside of the piano.....he embodies pure joy when he performs. Tim was spectacular, notably in a solo in the second half. His colours and sonic imagination were in full effect. Geo was sensitive as always, holding his guitar god powers in check until the perfect time, while complimenting everything we did really wonderfully. For myself, I had a blast. In every concert I program I have an ulterior motive. This concert was my stab at playing in dense environments, complete with rhythm, speed and volume. I got a good taste of it, found some spaces to play, some textures to add to, and some spots where there was nothing more to be added! It's fascinating to make those decisions on the fly. Thanks for the great show guys. The audience seemed to really enjoy the show, and we got a very nice review from Stephen Pedersen in the Chronicle Herald too! Thank-you Stephen. So on to the next, Eric Normand in Open Source 2, our second Circuit concert on April 7th. Eric is a bassist from Rimouski, touring the country to play solo and with a few locals. The show will be at 1313 Hollis. But first, I have to write a few grants!

Feb 10, 2010 at 20:11

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