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Touring West

I tend to think a few steps ahead, I get a bit nervous when I'm not. Some of you probably understand this, others (lucky buggers) may not. Those of you that relate are probably Type A's like me...... So in order to stay grounded, enjoy ever minute and record some details for your entertainment and my failing memory, I will blog! I will blog about the tour I'm embarking upon with my two wonderful musical friends Erin Donovan and Lee Pui Ming! We are being generously sponsored in our travels by the Canada Council for the Arts, and getting one of those touring grants these days is a big deal, so I'm pretty pleased to be heading to Toronto today to get started. We'll play in Toronto at Gallery 345 on Wednesday the 7th of March, Wood Hall in Victoria BC (playing on the Open-Space Series) on Saturday, March 10; and at The Western Front in Vancouver, on Sunday the 11th. We're pretty excited because these are some pretty good gigs! I've been working on getting this together since about 2005......It's amazing how long these can take; you send out packages and demos you forget to follow up and then you do too late, some are interested but need to know when you're going to be there, but until you get a gig you have know idea when you'll be traveling, finally somebody bites, and that makes it easier. It took several years for Western Front to bite, and when they finally did we still took a couple of years to get it locked into place....then we had to get money to travel all the way to BC. suddenlyLISTEN pulled all this together, and here we go! First we meet in Toronto at Pui Ming's place in Cabbagetown for rehearsals tomorrow. A bit about the Trio: It's been one of my favourite and most memorable (and most photogenic, check that picture out!) groups over the years. The music? Well each time we've played it's been different, and I have to remember to keep my ears open for shifts since we last played in November, 2010. My suspicion is that it will veer toward the tonal, and I'm pretty sure it'll be emotional and intimate as any music you will hear. I'm intrigued and excited to make first sounds with these two great women. Come to a show or at least stay tuned to chronicles of our adventures!

Mar 6, 2012 at 01:43

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