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UK trip 2015!

Last year at this time, I was was feeling pretty burned out, by an unrelenting schedule of orchestra, administration, suddenlyLISTEN shows and other projects. I promised myself that I'd take some time this year. At the time I thought it was vital to my very survival, and I still think it is. It's always been important for me to get away and just clear my head, or fill my head with new information. I love to learn, and feel my brain working, have stimulating conversations, and see new things, so trips have been important! I have a fascination with Europe ad the UK. I guess I feel like music really lives there, I'm not sure if that's completely true, but it has always drawn me across the ocean. And I've been very lucky to get to take some retreat trips over there: to London 3 times, to Germany once, France once, and now back to London AND Glasgow! Of course it's all supported by Arts Nova Scotia, and in the case of this trip The Maud Whitmore Scholarship program, so thanks to them for thinking this was as worthwhile as I do!

This trip will be largely Max/MSP work. I'm going to be hanging with Sebastian Lexer, who has been my Max collaborator and teacher for possibly 10 years now. Amazing. He and I have imagined, developed and built a few systems for live processing of my cello, and since it's been a few years, since we've been together, this will be an update and upgrade trip. As well Sebastian has put together a couple of concerts, in both cities, so I'll get a chance to meet and collaborate with some locals, and some old friends as well!

SO stay tuned to this blog, I'll keep you posted! Right now I'm at Halifax airport, staring out at the fog, happy for modern navigation, on my way to Montreal on the first leg. I'll arrive in London at 7:30 tomorrow morning, (feeling chipper and alert no doubt) and the adventure will begin!

Dec 2, 2015 at 16:22

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