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We Have Wandered Pretty Far.....

Having Wandered This Far featuring Gerry Hemingway, Tim Crofts, Norm Adams, and Lukas Pearse is right around the corner. It is cornerstone concerts such as this that make me think that suddenlyLISTEN has been around in my head or on paper or in concert halls for 10 years. Hard to believe but we have wandered along pretty well, with the help of trusting and trustworthy artists, generous governments, and a lot of sweat and equity from me and a few others.

We've just kept going because I've woken up each day thinking about it amongst the many other things I think about (our boys, Sue, bikes, Mendelssohn, coffee). And its something I'm really proud of.

It is most exciting to be able to email Gerry Hemingway and have him show up! Well he hasn't showed up yet, but he will (I think) tomorrow. It was Tim's idea, in January 2010 I said "who should we get to perform on our next CD, dream big" and he said "Gerry Hemingway". And the rest is about to be history. We have been around long enough and have worked with enough people and have access to enough money to get the biggest guys and girls in the business to come to Halifax! So as we have wandered, we have built up a reputation for Halifax and sL as a real deal place to go. That makes me feel good because I love it here and I've always believed that great art can happen anywhere, not just giant centres. So the shows are coming up! Tuesday and Wednesday nights at The Presbyterian Church of Saint Davids. We'll be recording both nights and if we're happy with the music we make, we'll eventually release a recording of them. I hope you can come to one or both nights. It's going to encapsulate all that I've been working for these last ten years - great musicians cooperating to make new music that expresses today, right now. More information on the show is here.

Jan 28, 2011 at 18:02

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