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The Big Trip – Biennale

Concert day: La Biennale di Venezia! The climax to this whole project, and one of Europe’s biggest annual arts festivals. The concert space was brick and stone with big windows looking over the central laguna. What a feeling to arrive at the day of one of the most prestigious and exciting concerts of my career! 

We rehearsed in the morning, Nicola was super distracted by calls, Max/MSP mysteries and a talk […]

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The Big Trip Italy 2

So time has flown. I’m actually back in Halifax now, in normal life, with echoes of this tour and these concerts ringing in my ears! But the last week or so oft the trip was intense, with lots of travel, new music, technical challenges, and schlepping of celli!

Here are the last few posts from Bologna to Venice, and back (and forth) again:

When I first visited Venezia in 2013 I […]

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The Big Trip – Italy

We have now been in Italy for 2 days. I’ve had a couple of chances to look around a bit,  eaten some food, and had numerous (very small) coffees! It’s Italy, so I won’t write too much. My initial impression is worn glory, partially because things are really old, partially because things aren’t well taken care of, and often because the beauty lies in the courtyards, and piazzas!

You know, […]

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The Big Trip – Edinburgh 2

Things have been busy! So I’m bit behind on posts. Here’s the final Scottish post. It’s warmer here in Bologna…..

I’m writing now from the flight to Bergamo. It’s been an eventful two days even though we haven’t played concerts! Yesterday was off, it felt good to be alone a bit and confront my own world a bit, seems thing to continue on in Halifax without me and I have […]

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