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The Seeds Project

Seeds is a multi-layer creative project that features the work of twelve of Halifax’s most interesting sound makers. In The Seeds project, the public gets a chance to hear new musical creations, intriguing conversations and live performances by all of these artists!


In May 2021, in the midst of Nova Scotia’s COVID -19 lockdown, Norm Adams and suddenlyLISTEN were looking for a new way to inspire audiences with new music, and to keep artists collaborating and creating in an otherwise isolated time. The Seeds Project commissioned three musical works from three different artists: Mohammad Sahraei, Lindsay Dawn Dobbin and Andrew Mackelvie. These pieces became the seeds for duets, when three other artists were invited to create duets with each of the Seed recordings. Next, the artists met on suddenlyLISTEN’s podcast New Musings on New Music and spoke together about their experience and artistic processes during the project. 

On December 1, all of this work will come to life as it is launched online! On the suddenlyLISTEN website, the public can hear all the music, including some fascinating new combinations of materials that we have made. The podcast episodes will be released as well, so the public can hear from the artists themselves about the process they all undertook. 


Finally, on December 10, we will assemble all 12 artists at The Bus Stop Theatre to hear new improvisations by the three quartets live and in person!


Please join us as we complete the shift together, out of our isolation and back into the concert hall, harnessing the powers of the best of the pandemic, but returning to where new music really lives: live and in front of your ears!

Yellow Lentils

The SEED Groups

Interested in hearing these Seeds groups in concert? Come check out our concert on December 10th at The Bus Stop Theatre, 7:30PM.


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