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Brandon Auger (b.1978) - artist, improviser and structural builder based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Working  with sound as a medium, his minimalistic work promotes the amplification of electronic idiosyncrasies and vibrational nuances in both acoustic and synthetic environments. Along with being an active member of suddenlyLISTEN and the improvising community in Canada,  Auger’s main project pnl(a), has been a 20+ year study of tape/electronic music having released 7  albums to date. Brandon is also one half of the microsound group Strata (w/cellist Norm Adams) and the  founder of Northern Apparatus, an improvising trio with Andrew MacKelvie and Danielle Jakubiak.  

He has also worked greatly with members of Mocean Dance and Kinetic Studios, fusing his approach to  sound with various choreographers in both compositional and improvised constructs. His compositions, installations, live performances and collaborative projects have spanned across both Canada and the  U.S.

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