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C/A/P + GH in Montreal

Casa del Popolo on Rue St. Laurent, is one of the Canadian temples of adventurous live music, and last night was a special as we all debuted there. I haven’t been in Montreal for a shamefully long time, but I realize now that over the years suddenlyLISTEN has let Montreal come to us! Last night Casa was populated by several Montrealers and friends of our series, who have played or will play in Halifax: Scott Thomson and Susanna Hood, Craig Pedersen, and Pierre-Yves Martel all came out (Sam Shalabi was sadly in bed with flu….) and listened to us. It an honour to have such musicians out to support  and listen to us. It’s a testament to the friendships that we’ve all made over the years, all born from our making music. That for me is one of the great rewards, not just getting to play music with these great artists, but also getting to know them, to share much more than just a few days and a concert.

The show hit the next level for sure, more intense playing with longer periods of it. Things were louder and softer. There was one point where a soda can opening at the bar was a dramatic event in our piece!

Montreal or at least the Plateau was remarkably the same from when I lived here (in 1991…..) But now it has been gentrified in an arty way. I really notice the youth of the people on the street, and the almost European feel of Rue St. Laurent.

The bagel at midnight was amazing, Fairmont Bagels was 2 blocks away!

Now on to Vancouver. More friends, more music together.

Apr 2, 2015 at 14:49

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