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Dorian #4

Have I mentioned the musicians for Dorian enough?  I don't think so: We have assembled some of our regions most interesting and versatile musicians. (I know. I know, "versatile" is overused, but in this case it means something! I swear!)   The other night we got together at the Maritime Conservatory to have a little music rehearsal. I was off a huge day of SNS rehearsal, and Parent - teacher interviews, and through the course of our playing I was so energized and inspired by our musical conversations and interactions,  and the way we could easily talk about the work and make it stronger. I felt I must write a bit about them alone!  These people were chosen especially for their extra skills. I went into this process looking for musicians that weren't pure free improvisers (That's what you'll see and hear often at suddenlyLISTEN concerts). Two of these four don't even really play free, very often. But they add a new sound that will challenge Lukas and I (the more experienced free players) to join them in the various idioms they inhabit!  Gina Burgess plays with Gypsophelia and Der Heisser mostly, but she is comfortable playing about seven different styles of violin music! David Christensen is known as a multi-instrumental sideman for Hawksley Workman and Jenn Grant, and an arranger for everyone including Symphony Nova Scotia and most other pop musicians in eastern Canada! And he plays clarinet, but often travels with a glockenspiel. What's not to like there? Lukas Pearse is no slouch in the versatility department with either, he works with Zumbini Circus and Erin Costello, but also with installation artists, performance artists and film makers using electronic instruments to make incredible sounds. And then there's me, I play wherever I can, taking great pride in never backing down down from a musical challenge, and always working to learn new things to open up the possibilities for even richer possibilities!  The Quartet is really nice to play with. Oh yeah, and we have actors too! 

Nov 12, 2011 at 16:39

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