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En France

Our little place in Divonne!

We are here. The cheese is yummy the wine is cheap, and life is simple. For years Sue and I have been planning and saving for this four month retreat to fantasyland! The trip is not strictly about music, it's more about family, travel, culture and a change of pace. And it will be about music for a few spurts. I have my cello here, and have a couple of events planned, and some creative work planned. I'd like to meet some people, and hear some music, and enjoy some inspiration. Fantasyland for the next few weeks is Divonne Les Bains, in France just outside Geneva. We'll live here and ski and eat for 6 weeks. I'll post here periodically, try to keep it musical in nature but a little other stuff may sneak in...... like our hike up to the little chapel above Vesancy, my favourite little village nearby.

My boy Kenzie in Vesancy looking over the valley toward the south

Feb 8, 2013 at 15:26

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