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Pedersen, Dulberger and Adams Oct.4

The concert this weekend is one that’s very special to me. Mostly because I’m the biggest fan of Craig Pedersen….

Craig is a young musician that is doing creative music right. He’s made a careful study of his craft (which he documented on YouTube), and he has played with, and learned from the best musicians, like Joe Morris, Scott Thomson and Jean Derome. He sounds just great, in a free way and in a jazzy way (the Craig Pedersen Quartet) too. Outside of playing music he is a smart manager: making records, touring all the time, (sometimes with grant support and quite often without, which I think is even more impressive!) with a variety of projects and in a wide range of venues. He is making it work, and is sounding great doing it. 

As impressive, are the people Craig chooses to collaborate with. This is what he wrote to me about  Shayna Dulberger: I met Shayna a few years back when she played at the IMOO series in Ottawa with the Apocalypso Trio - Walter Wright on electronics, Chris Welcome on guitars / electronics and Shayna on double bass and electronics. What I love about Shayna’s playing is her complete and utter passion for music, combined with an astoundingly developed control of her instrument. This is something I aspire to myself. I think that we both have a strong love for improvised music, free jazz, and noise music and I think that shows in the way we play together. Further to that, we share a love and understanding of the history, and a willingness to both engage with it, and abandon it.

Sounds good to me.

For myself, I had a little summer music camp with Craig on PEI this past summer. We drank coffee and played a lot together and found a really nice balance of sound and melody that we thought we should record. So we’re going to do that while he’s here, with my brother John at Stonehouse Sound in Mahone Bay! I’ll play with Shayna and Craig for the second set on Sunday.

So : please come hear this show, and bring a friend!

Pedersen, Dulberger and Adams

8pm, Sunday October 4 @ 1313 Hollis Street

$20 or pay what you can

Oct 1, 2015 at 11:12

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