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The Big Trip #3

I'm such terrible picture taker! I apologize for this blog's freedom from photographs! I am so busy looking around, it just doesn't occur to me to pull out my phone.

Take my word for it, Brixton is an exciting place! It's very international, a large Jamaican and African community, with many Arabic people as well. So far we have eaten food from Jamaica, Nigeria and Mexico, all within 3 blocks!

I did a little scouting trip on the tube, to a music shop. On my return journey I walked by the site of The Colourscape Fest. The installation has been up for visits all week, usually between 12 and 1, but during the last few days, winds have been too high to inflate the structures! Nicola and I have our cello fingers crossed for tomorrow. It's the first real day of the festival, and the one that concentrates on music the most.

Today was a day for rehearsal, mostly on Jerome Blais' Soliloque for 2 celli. It's a piece that requires us to read music and improves simultaneously  and we're working hard to keep listening, stay rhythmic and create musical shape and form. We will get to play this piece several times over the course of the tour, so we'll get a few chances to achieve all those goals!

Tomorrow is concert #1. Here we gooooo!

Sep 21, 2018 at 19:43

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