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The Big Trip - Italy

We have now been in Italy for 2 days. I've had a couple of chances to look around a bit,  eaten some food, and had numerous (very small) coffees! It's Italy, so I won't write too much. My initial impression is worn glory, partially because things are really old, partially because things aren't well taken care of, and often because the beauty lies in the courtyards, and piazzas!

You know, the air does have a special quality, (as cliche as it sounds) and the temperature is just perfect....

I've been sleeping in Nicola's studio which is a small 2 story space (Baroni Tower it's often called). We've mostly been practicing and rehearsing, but I've been treated to meals with Nicola's family and tonight will eat something special with Nicola's klezmer  band! Should be colourful.

Pictures are worth a 1000 words, so here are some. It's amazing here.

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