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Workshop January 18th

We returned for the first 2010 Workshop last night. It was a snowy night that still brought in seven brave souls!

The session was interesting, partially because of the two first timers, Alex and Sylvain, and partially because of our time away, and the freshness of the return to playing.

And it was spirited as always, because of the presence of Howard, David (with a collection of found objects in eggshell blue!) Panos, Dr JC and Chris. Chris played a beautiful trio with Tim and Panos, finding the middle ground between complimenting the textures and playing melody, but not quite….. it was lovely. Panos has the greatest energy as an improviser, part punk, part listener. He has an aggression that I love, but is welcoming and understanding to others too, as he was to Syl last night: creating a comfortable space for him to play in, then gently pushing him out! Tim and Howard had an interesting discussion on envelope based synth sounds, and their place in improv. And David played a brilliant part in a trio on clicky jar lids, activating the whole room when he held them behind his back.

Tim and I are interested in bringing a little more discussion and some new facilitators to shake things up a bit, and I can’t wait to hear the results!

Jan 19, 2010 at 20:07

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