Each season suddenlyLISTEN initiates special projects that fall outside our regular concerts, but still celebrate suddenlyLISTEN’s mandate: to stretch the boundaries of music and music creation; and to encourage both musicians and non-musicians to listen to, explore, and participate in the making of new and experimental music.

Special projects in 2016/17 will include participation in Halifax’s Nocturne, and a series of poetry/music Salons at Lexicon Books in Lunenburg; As well sL is collaborating with Youth Arts Connection to work with youth. We’re pretty sure a few other special events will pop up too, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

On Saturday, October 15, from 6pm to 12am suddenlyLISTEN presents Stop Motif a collaboration between film maker/animator Gavin MacLean and improvising musicians at 1313 Hollis Street. The performance will be the hourly presentation of a short film by Gavin, accompanied by a live soundtrack created by a hidden band of improvisers! Wander in and be transformed!

Youth Arts Connection and suddenlyLISTEN are cooperating to make creation and production experiences for youth from marginalized communities. We are very excited about this work and will let you know more about it as we develop it further. This project is funded in part by the NS Department of Communities Culture and Heritage.

suddenlyLISTEN and Lexicon Books of Lunenburg NS  suddenlyLISTEN are co-presenting a series of interactions between poets and musicians. We call them the Lexicon Salons! For these events the two artists find ways to pair their words and music, illuminating both. The evenings are intimate and fun with lively discussions following. Lexicon Salons are funded in part by Arts Nova Scotia.

There are three Salons this season:

Friday, November 25th with Sylvia D. Hamilton and percussionist Erin Donovan.

Saturday, January 14th with Sue Goyette and cellist Norm Adams.

Saturday, March 4th with Cory Lavender and guitarist Geordie Haley

All Salons are free admission, and begin at 7pm.