Each season suddenlyLISTEN devises special projects that fall outside our regular concerts, but still celebrate suddenlyLISTEN’s mandate: to stretch the boundaries of music and music creation; and to encourage both musicians and non-musicians to listen to, explore, and participate in the making of new and experimental music.

Special projects in 2018/19 will include The continuation of our monthly Last Sabbath series. We will also continue our popular series of poetry/music Salons at Lexicon Books in Lunenburg. Finally, sL will be embarking on some European concerts and market development, starting in June. We’re pretty sure a few other special events will pop up too, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

The Last Sabbath – A session of Spontaneous Music on the last sabbath of every month.
suddenlyLISTEN will present monthly sessions of improvised music on the last Sunday of each month, at 1313 Hollis Street.  These sessions will bring together improvisers from across the wide spectrum of improvised musics in Halifax, in an environment conducive to playing, playing, and playing.  The sessions will be open to the public to listen with a “pay what you can” admission.  The Sabbaths will be led by Tim Crofts with the goal of generating challenging free music and building connections across the community.  Each session will take place at 1313 Hollis Street from 7:30-10:00pm.

The dates: The Sabbaths will begin September 30 2018. More information about who will be leading these sessions will follow.

For the Sabbaths, we ask that you contact us to let us know you’d like to attend, please email: suddenlylisten@suddenlylisten.com

suddenlyLISTEN and Lexicon Books of Lunenburg NS  suddenlyLISTEN are co-presenting a series of interactions between poets and musicians. We call them the Lexicon Salons! For these events the two artists find ways to pair their words and music, illuminating both. The evenings are intimate and fun with lively discussions following.

There are three Salons this season with dates and artists TBA.

All Salons are free admission, and begin at 7pm.

suddenlyLISTEN and Norman Adams have been offered some great opportunities to perform in Europe in 18/19. To help leverage those performances into more overseas touring and concerts for sL collaborations, we have received support from Nova Scotia Department of Communities Culture and Heritage to travel and research future opportunities. Thanks to NSCCH!

In June, Norm will travel to The Czech Republic for a June 23 performance with Nicola Baroni (Italy), Yati Durant (UK) and Massimiliano Messieri (San Marino) at the Festival ForFest in Kromeriz. This festival runs through the summer, and presents music with a spiritual orientation. For Norm’s concert, the music has been composed by Baroni, Durant and Messieri, and is inspired by Eastern religions and stories.

In September, Norm will perform with Nicola Baroni again, in London at “Europe’s most unusual festival” The Colourscape Festival on September 22, in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and finally on October 4 at the prestigious La Biennale di Venezia in Venice, Italy! In Venice the duo will premiere works by Nova Scotia’s Derek Charke and Jerome Blais, who will both be in attendance at the performance. Both the composers and performers have been asked to speak about their work on the day of the show. If you are a presenter or artist interested in these performances, please contact us to arrange a chance to chat about suddenlyLISTEN and our offerings.