suddenlyLISTEN WorkshopsuddenlyLISTEN has been presenting Improvisation Workshops for more than ten years! Many of our workshops are based on the long-standing London, UK workshop facilitated by Eddie Prévost. At these workshops participants are offered a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere in which they are encouraged to push their musical limits and make music outside of their personal comfort zones.

In 2017/18 sL will offer three series of workshops: those by our guest artists; a new series guided by Tim Crofts; and our very popular series of dancer/musician sessions that we run in collaboration with Kinetic Studio of Halifax. During all of these workshops, participants are divided into various sized groups to improvise short pieces for each other. Some comments may be made, if desired, but listening and learning from other players is the main focus.

More information is to follow soon!

suddenlyLISTEN Workshop 2

All people who are interested in making free music are encouraged to attend, regardless of experience or musical ability: just bring yourself, an instrument if you need one, and your open ears and wide open mind! It’s a great chance for improvisers, both new and more experienced to get together, work together, listen, and learn from one another.


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